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November 19, 2014 / Editor

An Inspiring and Busy Day of itelligence Turkey: Recap of SAP Forum 2014 Istanbul

itelligence forum Istanbul Turkey

Every year with around 4000 attendees, SAP Forum 2014 Istanbul is the most comprehensive annual IT event of Turkey. With this year’s theme of “Innovation Through Simplification”, the event took place on 31st of October in Haliç Congress Centre. itelligence Turkey was the platinum sponsor of the event.

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November 3, 2014 / Editor

A buying revolution? If you think your customers and future customers will no change their behavior, you don’t have to read this post!


Commerce and customer engagement is a hot topic. Particularly at SAP after they bought hybris last year. I would like to share with you why I think this topic is important for your future business and how we – at itelligence – make sure that SAP Hybris provides you the most value!

You might have noticed that the business world changed drastically during the last decade. This has a major effect on how customers buy products. I recently bought cognac brown leather shoes online at a company I did not know before and I have to admit that I can’t remember the name of the online shop at this moment. Customer Loyalty seems to be an issue. Especially with mobile devices everywhere, and with customers deciding immediately with these devices what to buy and from whom they buy it. Competitors are just a click away. So it’s more crucial than ever to engage customers and make offers that precisely fit their needs. Whether customers visit your store, call your team, browse your webshop, or order with their smartphone: They expect a consistent experience.


I personally really like the following quote from Robert Rose, Chief Strategist at the Content Marketing Institute and author of “Managing Content Marketing which fits very well to this topic: Read more…

October 31, 2014 / Editor

3 Years successful through the cloud

Have you ever ridden a Seabob? Truly spoken, me neither, but it´s about time. Even though the manufacturer of these sport vehicles, the CAYAGO AG, has offered me the opportunity to do so many times.

CAYAGO is one of our cloud clients. We support them in continually broadening and deepening their processes, because the requirements for production as well as the commercial management are and will become more delicate. Potential clients are often met at very beautiful international vacation spots and especially in the proximity to their yachts. It is therefore a company-critical process advantage that sales representatives of CAYAGO AG have also access to all relevant data in a safe online mode through mobile terminals such as tablets, PCs or smart phones. We are providing support to CAYAGO for this.

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October 27, 2014 / Wolfgang Kroener

SAP TechEd &&D-code – ASUG is analyzing the Cloud ERP Suite – SAP Business ByDeisgn


SAP Business ByDesign is getting straight forward form from a technical as well as business target view.
The technical advantages are based on the HANA technology that SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) is using since beginning of this year. This is for us as an experienced partner of SAP of great interest: It underlines that the energy we put into HANA so far is worth the effort: We gained a lot experience in both fields of ByD and HANA and are directly able to forward the advantage of this progress to our customers.

The business target is focused on customers which like to use the ERP Cloud Suite (ByD) as the central ERP solution on one hand. On the other hand the 2-tier-ERP strategy (hybrid) with SAP Business ByDesign for e.g. subsidiaries is highly attractive for larger enterprises.

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October 23, 2014 / Editor

A successful and forward-looking HR solution: SAP SuccessFactors

A couple of days ago I received the information about SAP SuccessFactors being positioned as a Leader, based on Strategy AND Current Offerings by Forrester.

Good news, but for me no surprise, because SAP SuccessFactors is rightly being awarded again and again over a period of time. I am pretty sure that this series of awards will not stop in the future. Why? I will immerse deeper into my thoughts later.


First I would like to talk a bit about the background of SuccessFactors: We are working with the SAP SuccessFactors solutions for around one and a half years now. SuccessFactors ist he leader in strategic Human Capital Management-applications. We as itelligence also have gained more than 20 years of experience and carried out more than 500 projects in the field of HCM. Read more…

October 20, 2014 / markalbrecht

hybris – Anytime, anywhere and via any channel….

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we are discovering the internet for things to buy within seconds. And our expectations for a good web shop are not little. We demand a lot. We want it to understand our needs, have an eye-catching user interface on all of our different devices and, of course, sell products with sound prices. We interact with businesses through many different channels – Internet, telephone, email, fax, and increasingly mobile- from initial search and research to post-purchase support and service. But it is not easy for a company to meet all those requirements independently if you are active within the B2C or B2B market. A customer knows the brand, BUT they don´t differ between channels to engage with you, and they are expecting that all provided information is available at every touch point at any point of time.

Photo-People-Commerce-hybris-20141017-GL0 Read more…

October 6, 2014 / Wolfgang Kroener

SAP unleashes the power of their cloud business


The pressure related to IT investments leads the SME customers as well as large enterprise customers and their subsidiaries into cloud computing. SAP is covering this demand with its core application SAP Business ByDesign, which from my point of view perfectly fits into SAP’s growing cloud portfolio.

We are working closely with our prospects and customers on a local and global level. We like to solve our customer’s challenges – that means we enhance the Cloud solutions with individual programs, add-ons as well as industry specific functionalities on a global level. One of our main strength is based on the existing customer environment with an on premise IT landscape. This technical landscape can be enriched by a hybrid “cloud & on premise” architecture. The key to simplicity can commonly be found in the technical foundation of SAP Business ByDesign based on SAP HANA.

With Michael Schmitt, General Manager for SAP Business ByDesign, we are able to explore in detail the new strategic directions and go-to-market for SAP Business ByDesign – SAP’s Cloud ERP Suite.


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